We are not perfect, but are always trying to be.

This section outlines the level of service which you should expect from us. We realise that calls need to be made 24/7 and we try and achieve a very high level of Customer Service - using e-mail - to process any new account or service applications, top ups or general queries. We are not perfect, but are always trying to be.


Our normal Customer Service hours are 07:30 until 23:00 GMT daily. By this , we mean we should respond to any e-mail query during these hours. Please note, we never make outgoing voice calls of any type to our Customers or Potential Customers - please see our Privacy Policy. However, if you do not have access to the internet, you will be able to text us (send us an SMS) on ..............................


Contact requests and email communication: This is by far the fastest way of communicating with us. We pride ourselves on the speed with which we respond to customer messages and often respond to emails within a few minutes of receipt! However, officially, contact/emails received during service hours will be dealt with within 1/2-2 hours.


Contact/emails received until 12.00 Midnight GMT, will usually be dealt with within 1/2-2 hours. Communication received after midnight and up to 7.00 am are very often also dealt with within 1-2 hours but officially, we will deal with these the following morning!

Telephone messages received after hours will be given similar priority to contact / emails and dealt with as above.

At weekends, similar rules apply, ecxept that after hours response times will be 2-4 hours.


Please bear in mind that, apart from general system failures which are very rare, the resolution of faults and in particular the time taken will depend on

  • the calling destination (e.g. Afghanistan will usually take longer to resolve than say Australia);
  • timing of the report (faults reported at weekends can take longer as we need to test calls to destinations and this depends on the availability of the other party), and of course
  • the exact nature of the problem (it could be a simple rerouting requirement or it might be something far more technical).  For these reasons, we cannot establish a meaningful service level for faults.

Some are resolved within a few hours, others take a few days. What is clear though is that out of say 250 plus destinations, at any time, there are 2 or 3 with a fault! We are sorry if yours is one of those 2 or 3 but we undertake to make every effort to ensure that any inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum.


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