Call-Back Feature

Phone from a nominated overseas phone, anywhere to anywhere.

NO Internet? NO Problem!

If you have no Internet or you are living in remote parts of the world or your company is about to relocate you to a country where International Calls cost a small fortune, or even when on holiday, using the "Call-Back" Feature with your US$ Calling Account could be the antidote to the high call costs associated with calling home.

There are no set up costs for using the call-back feature - just a simple per minute rate for each leg of the call.

We have clients calling from places such as Thailand, Greece, Zambia, Angola Zimbabwe etc.

*Use the table below as a guide to look-up any rate: just select the country you want to call from on the left and the country you want to call to on the right, then the price per minute will appear in the box below.

*All prices are in US cents and are guide prices only. All rates are subject to change.

From Country To Country

   US Cents per minute

The rates shown are guideline prices only and are published subject to confirmation. Prices may change without notice


Once set up, the way it works is simple - as follows:

  • You need to register to your Calling Account your new "permanent" number wherever your are based. (NB This can be a Mobile number from a SIM card, or local landline number: your SIM or landline must provide you with the option to make international calls)
  • From your new "permanent" number, you dial a call-back internetional trigger number - the list of trigger numbers linked to your Calling Account (normally UK or USA) will be e-mailed to you on request.
  • This call is not answered and therefore not chargeable to you (but please note that your new "permanent" SIM or landline must first allow you to make outbound international calls.)
  • Hang up immediately after you have dialled the trigger number - do not expect a response at this stage.
  • Our system then should ring you back within a few seconds with your normal Calling Account Welcome Message.
  • You are now connected to your Calling Account and can make calls use the features normally, as you would when using your Calling Account service.

To sign up all you do is this:-

  • You open an easy-dial Call-back Account.
  • On the application form you tell us the phone number you will be using to make the calls from.
  • We set up the account, normally well within 24 hours and e-mail you full instructions.
  • You start to save money.
  • If you already have a US$-based Calling Account, simply e-mail us and ask us to set-up the "Call-back" feature for you and let us have the overseas number you will be calling from.