US$ and Euro Calling Accounts

Top ups Account top-ups are available from just £10 on-line anytime with the secure forms listed on the easy-dial web-site. You get an extra 10% free if you top-up by £50 or more. For US$ Calling Accounts, top ups can also be made through your WAM and instantly credited to your Acoount in US$. Topping up this way also provides additional bonuses starting with $10 (extra 5% call credit = $10.50 credited to your account)

Auto top-up This facility is available if it is important that your account never runs out of credit, and can be selected on the initial order form or by contacting us. We recommend it. Your choice!

Voice prompts advise the balance on your account, so you always know how much you have spent on your call. You can also view and print your call records through your WAM.

"Caller Identify" Through your WAM You can register your own landline and Mobile numbers so that you will not need to key in any pin numbers to make a call. Alternatively, for security, and if your password/pin number is required every time, we will give you an alternative access number. Your choice! !

Accounts opened promptly Accounts are usually opened within two working hours and account details sent by e-mail, and occasionally by SMS. Your account is "live" when you receive the e-mail details or SMS

Call-Back Feature. Requires registration of your specific phone number used to make the call connection. More information about this very useful feature can be seen on our Callback page.


QUICK with PayPal.

Can pay multi currency


Credit Card and GBP£ only

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sign up link